About Jon
Born Juhan Veinberg, Jon is the son of Vilma and Ernst Veinberg. After his father died in October of 1946, his newly widowed mother escaped from Soviet-controlled Estonia.  She fled across Germany and went to Geislingen where there was a displaced persons camp comprised of over five thousand Estonians. It was there in Geislingen, Germany that Jon was born in 1947. The family caught a boat out to America arriving at Ellis Island around 1950. Jon spent his early childhood in New York, Connecticut and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Because of a job opportunity for his mother Vilma, the family packed up and headed west.  The family relocated to Fresno, California in the early 1960’s. Jon graduated from Roosevelt High School in Fresno. He went on to attend Fresno State University. While there, Jon first studied poetry writing with Pulitzer Winner poet and teacher Philip Levine. He received a BA in Psychology and went on to pursue his writing in graduate school. Jon received an MFA from the University of California at Irvine. He was a recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts grant in poetry. In addition, he is the author of several books, and his poems have appeared in numerous anthologies and literary magazines. Jon still lives in Fresno with his wife Dixie Salazar. He continues to write and give readings of his poems. His most recent work, The Speed Limit of Clouds, will be published later this year.


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